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The numerous tunnels, caverns, experimental fields, laboratories and seminar rooms offer a perfect base for research, development, testing, real scale trials, as well as all kinds of events.
EFNARC is the Authoritative Voice of Contractors, Manufacturers, Raw Material Suppliers and Consultants in the Specialised Construction and Concrete Systems Industry.
Founded in 1974 by nineteen Nations, ITA facilitates sustainable underground solutions, offering technical expertise, best practices, and decision-making tools to 79 Member Nations and 219 Affiliate Members through its annual General Assembly.
Discover Sargans, a historic town known for the striking Sargans Castle nestled under the Gonzen cliff. Explore the charming old town, enjoy panoramic views from the castle terrace, and immerse in the rich culture and mountainous landscapes, along with the unique history of the town and the dormant Gonzen iron mine.
Switzerland’s premier public transportation company, seamlessly connects travelers to picturesque landscapes and vibrant cities, offering efficient and comfortable journeys across the country.