Schulung für Betreiber von Betonmischanlagen

Target Group:

Machine operators and prospective machine operators of concrete mixing plants.


Using practice-based examples, master the daily challenges, identify the causes of changes and find solutions for compliant production.


Participation in this training serves as proof for the personnel involved in the production and production control (EN 206).

Today's challenges for concrete machine operators are increasing.

Through regular contact and exchange with the machine operators during trainings and inspections of concrete plants, it turns out that similar questions are asked and solutions are sought in connection with control and production.

The aim of this training is to make it easier for the mixing foremen to deal with the daily challenges using practice-based examples, to identify the causes of changes and to find solutions for compliant production.

This requires not only a good knowledge of concrete technology and the mixing plant, but also safe handling of the control system. Here, there are differences between the manufacturers, the knowledge of which is important for mastering the various tasks.

We offer this practical training on simulators with specific control types that the participants use at their workplace. The simulation offers the unproblematic possibility to try out and practise concrete practical cases.

Our training bridges the gap between concrete technology and the practical use of the mixing plant and its control system. Experienced trainers from concrete producers and renowned control system manufacturers ensure that the contents are conveyed competently.

Two days are suitable for this training.

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