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Worldwide the demand for underground facilities is growing at a rapid rate. For the realization of all these facilities the latest technologies are normally applied. Correspondingly rapid changes in technologies increase the necessity of well trained and experienced personnel in both practical and theoretical aspects of underground construction.

Resent years of recession and margin in global construction markets have necessitated cost cutting and rationalization by companies and organizations in efforts to remain profitable or solvent. A direct result of this has been a significant reduction in the training programs of major organization within the underground sector. The establishment of a training center, or foundation, will have to address present global shortcomings in the professional training of side practitioners in the industry.


Synthetic Industries Corporation
Synthetic Industries Corporation

Courses Structure

‘Hands-on’ practical courses with theoretical instruction by professional practitioners in each field and selected trainings on VR Simulator.

  • Focus upon teaching of state of the art technology
  • Endorsed instructors from CUC member organizations and third parties
  • Brief classroom instruction followed by extensive practical demonstration in real 1:1 underground conditions
  • Arrangement of suitable site visits where appropriate and feasible, to see technologies in action
  • Course duration 1 to 5 days, dependent upon contract
  • Follow up networking procedures to monitor delegate progress and technology use

For Nozzlemen with minimum 3 years experience.

Shotcrete basics and practical training including VR Technology.

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